Centre for promotion of Music

In the present age the fierce competition and the resulting stresses and strains, it has become increasingly important for the children to develop their body and mind to remain calm and steady in all their endeavors. The more the child uses the right sides of the brain the more he becomes creative. Then the child can think of imagining and doing new things and be happy in life. Music and dance are the two forms of art which are the easiest to learn and enjoy and fortunately, we, in our country, have a vast reservoir of the same.

When Pt. Atulkumar Upadhye visited a number of countries in west, he observed that every school had a well organized department of music and every child learnt something and could sing or play an instrument fairly well by the end of his schooling. Music foundation course will expose the children to the basic concepts of music and dance in a unique and enjoyable manner. The children will be provided with a book. Online lectures and concerts will be arranged periodically so that the children will learn to appreciate these forms of art. Our aim is to stimulate interest and produce thousands of knowledgeable ‘Kansens’ who can enjoy good music from live concerts all paths of life. Hopefully, a number of them will move on to become the artists of future. Our rich music should not remain a preseved of the privileged few. It should reach all in their impressionable age. It has been observed that children should develop a hobby and also become successful in their own chosen professional life. We hope that maximum possible chidren will enroll for this Music Appreciation Course of Foundation Of Music.

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